3 Ways the Wrong Job Can Hurt Your Career


Making ends meet and advancing your career is important to your livelihood and success. Whether you’re looking to secure a full-time position after working part-time for a while or simply searching for a better job, don’t forget about the consequences of your job choice. While taking the right position can open up the door to lucrative opportunities, having the wrong job can hurt your career, finances, and emotional health.

Wrong Job Danger #1 – Career Prospects 

Chances are, your current job or your next job probably isn’t going to last you a lifetime. You want to continually move up the ladder to better positions. If you work at a subpar organization, future employers will question why you made that choice. While it might be easier to land a position in a poorly-run company with a bad reputation, it could hurt your chances of working for someone better in the future. Don’t lower your standards.

Wrong Job Danger #2 – Current and Future Finances

Sometimes paying the bills is the only thing that matters. If you have to choose between a pay cut and being laid off, you might have to tough it out for a period of time. However, sometimes taking a pay cut or accepting a job with a lower salary than you want can affect your future salary. Future employers might look at your previous low-paying salary and struggle to justify paying you more.

Wrong Job Danger #3 – Emotional Health

 Not only can taking the wrong job affect your daily mood, but it can have a significant impact on your emotional stability. If you work at a company with a toxic atmosphere, you might start seeing yourself as a failure. While every job has its own share of stress and difficulty, it shouldn’t suck the joy out of you. Be sure to research and observe a company’s culture before you accept a job.

Don’t let the wrong job hurt your career. Take jobs that are fulfilling and helpful to your career advancement.

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